2015 Week 15 Panthers @ Giants ODB v Josh Norman Condensed

The ODB Josh Norman brawl game! The 2015 Giants were a weird team, able to stand tough with the best teams like Patriots, Saints, Panthers yet missed the playoffs by 2 games or so. This game and their 2015 Saints game also in the playlist, was peak post 2011 Giants offense.
The Media Storylines about Odell Beckham after this game were SUCH BULLSHIT! Norman is shit talking and facemasking ODB, who retaliates. The same white boys calling NFL pussified hated on Odell for doing old school revenge for talking shit, shoving and press face coverage.
Norman is at least at guilty but who gets hours of tut tutting about ‘maturity’. Odell, not Norman. You would think Josh Norman was a WHITE guy with a Confederate flag bumper sticker, the media and blue collar reaction to this whole thing. In any case the whole thing was so much fun! This Edited version doesn’t include EVERYTHING, but I guess you can click here: You know the best part? Norman didn’t come close to shutting down ODB who caught 6 passes for 9 thrown and a TD to tie the game, including a drop Norman had nothing to do with.
ODB shutting him up by roughing him up, that’s satisfying. I wonder why when Andre Johnson beat up on Cortland Finnegan and got ejected, he was praised for it. But ODB is hated. Maybe He’s a young whippersnapper with dyed hair, and old white men don’t like the cut of his gib. They took a break from hating on Cam Newton to hate ODB,

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  • Misleading title, it wasn’t a comeback….they lost.

    Nitrofreak July 31, 2020 9:05 am Reply

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