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Gonzaga gets ready to face Portland on a make up game that was postponed and Teddy & Pauly analyze this game for college hoops action. Find a college basketball sportsbook:

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all right back on sportsBIT betting insight
today big game breakdown continues
college hoops now is always live odds this is a
write-in game it’s a makeup of the game
that was postponed its at five o’clock
pacific betting number 549 and 550
Gonzaga is laying 24 on the road 142
and a half the total the zags are 19
and 0 and then they just play and they
were not they were did not play well on
Saturday they beat Portland 73 to 52 they
left never led by more than 23 you know
if you didn’t like how they played
either afterwards the quote was a choppy
game Portland a nice job especially be
an undermanned they came in for
displaying our physical being into some
balls but a 20-point when it on was
nothing to feel good about end quote
no unique spot teddy we got a
home-and-home here because of the
postponement yeah just a brief shape a
20 point where home is nothing to not
feel good about so few wasn’t too
worried about that performance again
they slept walk through the game but
that’s what you can do against Portland
you know I mean Nigel williams-goss the
question mark for the Saxons got a bone
bruise on his hip
I would imagine that they may see him
tonight holding back for thursday’s home
game against San Diego not that they
need them for that one either but the
guys banged up you need to put them on a
short acres as you mentioned they played
on saturday the short turnaround revenge
but there’s no revenge when the pilots
play the Zags all is the same game on a
different floor it really is so there
are some unique scheduling circumstances
when it comes to consoles like the WCC
this one of those intriguing snares only
because the one game got cancelled
earlier but you know we talked about
this zags missing players


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  • alec wintering portlands best player is out of game
    under looks like 78-53 type game way under or what

    books think game is 60-82 no reason to think this many points

    utep held utsa to 39 which is like unbelievable

    Hoops590 July 30, 2020 6:43 pm Reply

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